You show my banner and I show yours - that’s it!

You have a website and you need more traffic. You already tried other paid sources but you still need more traffic. So what would be better than getting more quality traffic for FREE, additional customers and extra profit on your bottom line.

And here is how it's done. First a banner exchange is a large group of web sites that exchange advertising with each other. Each web site show banner advertisement for other websites. By displaying banner ads on your website, you generate credits you can use to advertise your own banners on other member’s websites.

eBannerTRAFFIC is the middle man in the process, delivering and rotating banners on your website. When a banner is clicked on, we process the click-thru, and direct the individual to the respective member website.

In return for our services, we capture 1 out of every 3 banners displayed on our network, and use the ad space for sponsor advertising and bonusses to our high performing members.

Using a banner exchange is a great way to gain FREE exposure for your website. Your advertising is spread across an array of web sites, maximizing visibility. Membership is absolutely free.

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