Receive free advertising from our banner exchange offering several features.
As a member to our banner exchange all you need to do is integrate the banner exchange code on to your site


Please follow these guidelines before you join, upload your banner or insert the exchange banner code;

Family safe content only. Your Banner, Text  or Website may not contain:

  • Any content intended for persons over 18 only
  • Mature sexual themes
  • Strong language
  • Nudity and/or sexual activity
  • Crude or indecent language
  • Offensive or inappropriate language

No unconventional image layouts allowed. Your image ads:

  • Must occupy the entire space of the image format you've chosen
  • Cannot appear sideways or upside down
  • Cannot be segmented, contain multiple copies of itself within the ad, or otherwise appear to be more than one ad
  • Your images must be relevant to your site or products
  • Cannot contain distorted text and images
  • Only limited animation (in general no more than 10 seconds). Strong flashing colors not accepted!

Banner and website language:

  • All banners and websites active in the eBannerTRAFFIC network must be using the English language.

Do not mimic system functionality or warnings. Your image ads:

  • May not pretend to be a system or site warning.
  • May not mimic or resemble Windows/Mac/Unix dialogue boxes or error messages.
  • May not have mock animated features, such as drop down menus or search boxes, unless the functionality actually works.

Sites not accepted:

  • Websites containing any pornographic, racial, ethnic, political, software pirating (e.g. Warez) or hacking, hate-mongering, or otherwise objectionable content.
  • Websites that link to other websites with adult and pornographic content.
  • Autosurf, Autohits, paid for clicks and paid for surf websites.
  • Traffic Exchanges, Banner Exchanges, Link Exchanges and similar traffic generating systems (In general we see inflated low quality traffic from such sites without any benefit for our normal member and advertiser. If you believe your exchange or adnetwork is of a high quality with protective terms for members and advertisers similar to eBannerTRAFFIC and you are interested in a partnership then please contact us directly).
  • Sites that primarely redirect  to other sites with same content
  • Sites that generate exsessive pop-ups
  • Sites that display other members ads on pages without content
  • Sites with content that do not relate to online businesses
  • Sites that display more than 2 banners from or a total of 5 banners or more on a page
  • Due to new US legislation we do not approve online casino or gambling sites anymore 

Sites in the above category should not become member of eBannerTRAFFIC. However eBannerTRAFFIC will in some instances not be able to determine if a site is in the above category of non-accepted websites before some traffic has been delivered.

If we discover that members deliver banner space from sites in any of the above categories then their account will be deleted without warning.

Please note:
In general eBannerTRAFFIC is a banner exchange for web businesses selling products and services or websites who provide imformation related to such businesses.

We reserve the right to remove ads and accounts at our discretion.

Accounts not in complience can expect to be deleted without further explanation. We do not engage in discussions and our decission is final.


What is the fastest way to get an account removed?

The fastest way to get your account removed is to display banners on popup pages (inflated traffic), display banners on pages without content or pages that redirect, display banners on sites with sexual content or sites that link to sites with sexual content.

Our members are very quick to report irregularities because eBannerTRAFFIC give each member access to see their own log showing exactly where their banners have been displayed.

Our members deliver quality ad space and they expect to get quality ad space in return. This objective is the single most important for eBannerTRAFFIC.

When a member report such irregularity we investigate and if the site in question is found to be operating outside our terms then the account is deleted and all credits reversed without any further explanation or warning.

It is really only very few who chose to not understand our terms or think they can cheat our exchange. So with the information presented here we hope we can save them some time.

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